Do AirPods work with small ears?

In the small world of wireless headsets, Apple has once again succeeded in establishing itself as one of the market leaders. If of course not everything is perfect, these Bluetooth headphones, AirPods, are a solution of choice, despite the high price, especially AirPods work with small ears.

Comfort guaranteed

In terms of comfort, it is surprisingly good, as is the support. The low weight of the product is both a plus and a minus:   it improves comfort, but gives the anxiety-inducing sensation that the headphones can fall off at any time but AirPods fall out cannot happen. However, in case of loss, you might regret the impossibility of locating the headphones. However, it is possible to buy a single one for $ 69 (plus shipping) .However, you may regret that these are not in-ear, which would isolate more noise and avoid that even after several months of use you are still a little afraid of losing them.

smart sensors

Careful details

Smart sensors

However, cutting the cord is not the best idea Apple has had for its new headphones. Its designers have slipped a little magic into it, like with proximity sensors – like on iPhones to turn off the screen when you bring it to your face. They are used to detect when you remove one of the earbuds to mute the music instantly. Simply put the headphones back on and playback will resume. Extremely simple and so pleasant when someone speaks to you in the middle of a mythical guitar solo.

Simplified pairing

Unlike other models, the pristine case is not just for charging Airpods. Indeed it is also used to establish the connection between the reader and the headphones. Because Apple is working on simplifying the pairing of wireless devices.

If you want to pair them with an iPhone / iPad, all you have to do is activate Bluetooth on the device, then open the cover of the case so that an alert message automatically appears on the screen. The user is thus informed that Airpods are nearby and would like to pledge allegiance to your device. Press the little button on the back of the box and you are done. The AirPods are operational. Once the connection is established, they are automatically given the nickname of your device, and indicate the battery level (in percentage) of the headphones as well as the case.


Powerful autonomy

One of the great strengths of AirPods is its very interesting autonomy for users. De facto, when the circumstances require it, you can wear AirPods without discomfort for long hours, listening to music or making calls. In audio playback, autonomy is promised at 5 hours.

Designed to be very easy to use thanks to the W1, a very low consumption chip designed by Apple, AirPods are recharged when they are stored in their case with a battery. Apple announces that 15 minutes of charging would give exactly 3 hours of battery life. What to dream of impatient users. Note that when recharging, Airpods cannot be used. Moreover, the case provides 24 hours of battery, which means that you can spend several days without having to recharge the case.

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