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Advantages and disadvantages of an operational amplifier

An Operational Amplifier is an IC (Integrated Circuit) used in electronics. Operational Amplifiers have several advantages and few disadvantages. That is the reason they use to be so extensively used today. In short, they are a series of components that are in an encapsulation that fulfill many functions. In fact, they are in millions of applications now.

They are found in computers, home appliances, and anything that involves electronics. With them, you can add signals, subtract them, adapt impedances, and make active filters, passive filters, and much more. Next, you will see the advantages and disadvantages of Operational Amplifier.


Currently an Operational Amplifier is a very complex circuit but as an advantage, it can be said that it comes in a package with all the technical characteristics in the data sheets. Therefore, its use is very easy since we must not go into the internal circuit.

In addition, an advantage that is a consequence of the above is that if the package is damaged, what we must do is replace it with another without having to find faults in the internal circuit of the Operational Amplifier.

add signals

The packages do not take up much physical space, and this is a great advantage in a world in which technology increasingly demands more performance but with a smaller size (in terms of gadgets)

Encapsulated ones are very cheap. Of course, it does not make sense to buy all the components to create an Operational Amplifier when in reality what we need is the chip that is already manufactured or custom designed.

As stated above, they have an incredible diversity of applications. This is the great advantage of Operational Amplifiers.


One of the disadvantages of Operational Amplifiers is that it is necessary to have a symmetrical power supply, that is, a positive voltage and the other negative, but both of equal value.

Another disadvantage is that they cannot be used for high frequencies since they do not respond in the same way as they would at low frequencies.

Operational Amplifiers are not suitable for working with medium and high powers.

A high voltage amplifier is much more than a schematic and a BOM as the details of the physical arrangement become fundamental. For circuits operating above 60V, there are implementation safety issues and standards (actual value depends on end application and country / region). For these higher voltage designs, users must decide to choose an operational amplifier benefits and know how to separate the highest voltages from the lowest and safest. This may involve one or more mechanical means such as barriers, interlocks, isolation, or spacing.

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